About Us

The United Phoenix Firefighters Charities (UPFC) was organized in 1964 and consists of more than 2600 professional fire fighters across the Valley, in Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Chandler and Peoria.

Since becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, relationships have been built and partnerships established with community leaders, private businesses, citizens, other nonprofits and for-profit organizations to improve the lives of the community we serve.  Along with our supporters, the UPFC has had life-changing impacts on the valley.

As fire fighters, we see first-hand the devastation of raging fires, medical emergencies and individual & mass tragedies. While on duty answering the call, we realize the community we serve needs more than what can possibly be accomplished during our shifts. It is our calling to support, comfort and educate our community to prevent future tragedies.  The UPFC services, support and resources have grown over the years.

In addition to services to the community the United Phoenix Firefighters Charities has developed resources for our members. Through the David Fisher Family Support Fund and our nationally recognized Firestrong Program we build stronger fire fighters and families, allowing us to continue to expand and increase our impact on the community.

We hope you will consider supporting our community and fire programs. Together we make a difference in the lives of all.