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Adopt A Fence

The Pool Fence Program was established in 2001, after a record number of drownings, condensed to two small zip codes in a community in west Phoenix. The United Phoenix Fire Fighter Community Charities along with several other local charitable organizations, combines to create The Adopt-A- Pool Fence Program, which provides pool fences to families in need. The Adopt-A- Pool Fence Program, which meets board of directors meets monthly to select families based upon their financial situation, special circumstances and the number of children living in the house. Since 2001 the program has installed over 800 pool fences and is responsible for saving countless lives. We will continue our efforts until every child is safe.


Tom Caretto


Please contact Program Coordinator at (602) 277-1500 with any questions.

Completed applications can be emailed to poolfence@local493.org,

faxed to (602) 277-0003, or mailed to:

Adopt-a- Pool-Fence Program

61 E. Columbus

Phoenix, Arizona 85012

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  • Adult supervision is the best prevention against drowning.
  • Never leave a child unattended by a bathtub, lake, pond, canal or other sources of water.
  • About 25 children in the U.S. die each year of drowning in a bucket. Never leave buckets of water unattended.
  • Safety latches for toilets are recommended.
  • A pool or spa should be barricaded by a fence with locks.
  • Don't drink alcohol around water.
  • Never swim in canals - canal sides are extremely slick, which makes it difficult to get out
  • Keep lifesaving devices by the pool, such as a pole or a flotation device.
  • Check placement of doggie doors for direct access to the pool area.
  • Teach children to swim. But remember that even if children can swim, they are still susceptible to drowning.


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